Getting eaten out by a dog

Getting eaten out by a dog was pretty standard fare for one of the most beloved cats in British pop history. And in the case of Prince Charles, it happened a lot.

Charles' love of the pooch wasn't just a one-off fad, he was constantly eating dogs at parties and with friends and even at the Palace.

A new book by a friend of the Prince says the animal lovers, who met at school and shared a close relationship, 'didn't take their eyes off one another' and were in 'constant contact' during their time together.

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Prince Charles had a long love affair with dogs. Here he is pictured with Princess Diana's dog, which he fed biscuits during a tour of Australia in 1983. The Queen's dog, which is black, is seen left

He loved playing with dogs and had a long relationship with a dog which he fed biscuits when he visited Australia in 1983. This photo shows Prince Charles feeding the dogs he met on the way to a press conference at Sydney Airport

The pair met at St Peter's College in the north-west of England and the friendship is revealed in a new book by David Hamilton, entitled 'Prince Charles &, The Friendship.'

It covers the entire period of their friendship from the time Charles was aged 13 until they broke up at the end of his time at the university.

The book will be released on September 17.

In one of the more unusual stories from the book, the Prince was forced to apologise after he fed a chocolate biscuit to Princess Diana's dog.

After Charles' family had been staying in Scotland, the pair went to visit her in the south of England.

They were visiting the village of Balmoral, where she lived as Queen, and one day when Charles was playing with the dog, he fed it a chocolate biscuit.

But it turned out to be a bad idea and the dog ended up vomiting on the carpet.

The authors of the book said that it was 'clear the dog had not been fed chocolate before they left.

'After he had done this Prince Charles felt very badly about it and apologised several times.'

The authors said that Charles and Princess Diana loved dogs and that the friendship was'more than a close friendship and more than just a royal one.

'It was a friendship based on a true friendship between two people who didn't take their eyes off one another for one minute of the time they had been together.'

Prince Charles was known to be quite the dog lover. Here, he is pictured with a black Labrador at a garden party in the late 1970s

Princess Diana was a fan of dogs and had an array of them including this black Lab called Harvey. Here he is pictured in the early 1980s

The authors said that there is no doubt that Charles and Princess Diana were in love with one another.

Prince Charles, who was the heir to the throne at the time, 'had developed a passion for Diana from the moment they met.'

'As a young man he was drawn to her by her sense of style, her sense of fun, her wit, her charm. And as they grew up together, they became much closer friends,' they wrote.

In this picture, the Prince and Princess are seen with Princess Diana's dog, Harvey, on a boat in the Bahamas in 1979

This dog, who was part of the Queen's family, is seen playing with a group of pups in the 1960s

In one of the more unusual stories from the book, the Prince was forced to apologise after he fed a chocolate biscuit to Princess Diana's dog

'Their relationship began as one of friends who were drawn to one another as individuals and who developed a deeper friendship.

'They shared the common interest of dogs and, above all, a deep love of country and the country estates in Scotland and Wales that they both loved and enjoyed.'

And it was Charles who was always more 'doggy' than Diana.

He had his own beloved dog, Lola, and she was always in the company of her owner.

It was because of this that Princess Diana wanted to keep her dog out of the public eye and was'reluctant to let her pet out of her sight.'

The pair would often meet in secret when Diana would 'disappear' for long periods of time and they would go on walking adventures.

It was the same for the Queen, who also kept her pet out of sight.

Princess Diana is seen playing with a Labrador named Harvey at a garden party in London in 1978

The book will be released on September 17. Pictured above, Princess Diana is seen with Harvey, who was the Queen's dog, at the garden party in 1977

Princess Diana loved to go on walking adventures with her dogs. Pictured, she with Harvey, in London in the early 1980s

'The Queen is equally private and reclusive, but on these occasions there was never any question that she was going off on a walk with Lulu.'

The authors said that the Queen, Charles and Diana's relationship wasn't affected by their friendship and they were all very supportive of each other.

But when Diana was diagnosed with an illness, Charles' mother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, was keen to support her daughter, which meant he didn't have much support.

In the book, they talk about how Charles' support was very much focused on his career.

'It was clear that if Prince Charles were to marry, the Princess of Wales' life would be very much compromised.

'Prince Charles, like the Queen, would not allow the relationship with Diana to affect his career and it was this that had led to the Prince, as she and her friends knew, wanting her to leave the country to recuperate.

Princess Diana was a fan of dogs and had an array of them, including Harvey, pictured above. She met him at a polo match in the 1970s and became friends with him

In this picture, the Princess is seen with her

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