Country acres dog food

Country acres dog food

Land, a lot, area, terrn, or terrn, as applied to real estate or a geographic region, is a piece of property with a designated purpose or uses. Often the legal description will consist of a parcel name and parcel number. Many pieces of land are designated for a particular use. For example, land that is to be used for residential purposes is often referred to as residential land. This usage is analogous to other examples where a house or a building may be designated with the word house or building. If a piece of land is designated by the government for a specific use, then the piece of land may be called a tract of land. A tract of land is a portion of a property such as a farm. Often land is described by the acreage of the piece of land. As applied to real estate, the term acreage is synonymous with land area. The terms acre, acreage, and acres come from the Latin acre (the number of square rods used as a unit of land measurement in Roman times). Acre (as in "acreage") comes from the Latin word "acrea", which is the Latin word for "an acre". The Latin word "acrea" derives from the Latin word for "acra", which means "a plowshare or blade".

The land can be owned by any number of people, or corporations. The size of the parcel of land is usually specified in a legal description or by reference to a survey. An example of the latter is the survey numbers which are assigned to each subdivision property by a government agency. In the United States, each tract or parcel of land is often legally defined as one hundred acres, or 100 acres. However, this is not mandatory, as each county may have its own standards and regulations regarding tract sizes.

In the United States, the term land refers to property ownership, while in the United Kingdom, a different term is used to refer to land ownership: property.

An acre is the amount of land that a person can till in a single year, and an acre is usually specified as being one hundred square feet of surface area. In some cases, the term acre may refer to a subdivision, rather than the number of acres a tract of land contns.

Real property is the class of property that comprises all the rights, title and interest in land that are owned by a person or corporation.

An acre is a measure of the amount of land used to cultivate a given area, defined as one hundred square yards, or approximately 830 square feet. One acre is equal to a thousand square feet. One hundred square yards is the standard area unit in the United States, and is used in conjunction with the U.S. customary system of land survey and legal descriptions. In England, this size is called a rod, and in other countries, a square rod, a square rod, a rod, a yod, an English acre, and a rodland. One yod is the amount of land in a square of one rod (0.9144 ,km2). One square rod is the amount of land in a square of one yod (3.4445 ,km2). One rodland is one rod-land, which is a rod-land (or rodland) with one square rod added to it. One rod-land is the amount of land in a square of one rod-land (or rodland). One square acre is one rodland by the rod.

When an acre is used as a measure of land area, it is always a unit of measurement that represents 100 square yards, the size of a single room in a building. It is, therefore, incorrect to say that one acre is one hundred square yards, since the acre has no physical dimensions. Similarly, one square foot is equal to one square yard. When the square yard is used to measure a house, it is referred to as the "square footage" of the house, which is sometimes used to describe how much a house can fit into one hundred square yards (an acre). This is the same as saying that the house takes up one thousand square feet of space, or about 830 square feet.

Acres are often used as a unit of land ownership. This usage is not the same as the legal term acreage, as the term acreage is used as a synonym for the area of land. Acres refer to the legal number of acres a parcel or tract of land contns, while the area of a piece of property is not a legal term, the area of a piece of property is a property description, which often is derived from the legal description of the parcel. The term tract refers to an area of property owned by a single person or entity.

In some parts of the world, land may not be privately owned. In these areas, the government may own the land, or may lease the land from the government. Land may be held by a company for use in commercial, residential, or industrial purposes, or for recreation. Land may be leased from the government, from another landowner, or from a company for commercial, residential, or industrial purposes, or for recreational use. The term "land" is not limited to the area of land that can be farmed, but is a general term that may include public areas, parks, and streets.


In English, an acre (from Latin "acra") is the area of land that can be tilled in a year, a unit of land area originally derived from Roman times, where it referred to the area that could be plowed with a single plow in a year. The word comes from Latin "acrea", the name of the blade or blade-shaped portion of a plowshare or plow.

In Spanish, an acre is known as una cuadra, a unit of land area equivalent to the English "acre" (or the Spanish word cuadra meaning "quarter".) In Spanish, "cuadra" was originally a unit of land area defined by the area of land one can easily plow with a plow in one day, or of a hectare.

In the United Kingdom, an acre is

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