If the dog bites the leash: You can do that

A dog that constantly bites the leash can become very tiring for its owner in the long run. Read here how you can get rid of it. With a few tricks you can train your dog to bite off the leash - Image: Shutterstock / Marco Prati

The constant biting on the leash is not only annoying, but under certain circumstances also dangerous for dog and owner. While the attention is on the unreasonable four-legged friend, cyclists, cars and people hurrying past can be quickly overlooked - if that doesn't go wrong.

It is therefore extremely important that your fur nose behaves well when it is on a leash. Only then will you be able to get through the traffic, cyclists, other dogs and children safely with him and are not distracted from pulling the unloved leash out of his mouth.

Punish bad behavior, reward good things

How does this awkward behavior come about? Most of the problems in dog training arise from the fact that four-legged friends as puppies are not adequately taught what they are allowed to do and what not. Biting the leash is definitely one of the things you should forbid him from the start. You explain the prohibition to the youngster with an express "No" or "Out". As soon as he is good again, praise the growing four-legged friend for his obedience so that he associates it with something positive.

If it does not respond to the cancel signal, try other methods. Otherwise, he learns that there are no consequences if you exhaust yourself with your "no" bids. Another method is, for example, to distract the four-legged friend with a command. For example, "space!" his. If he does his job well, reward him with treats. However, you should always refrain from training methods that cause pain, intimidate or unsettle your dog. They do more harm than good.

If the dog bites the leash: ignore it

Many dogs bite the leash to attract your owner's attention. This is exactly what you shouldn't give your four-legged friend. Otherwise he remembers that his behavior achieves exactly what he wants. So try the cold shoulder: ignore his fidget. At best, he loses interest and you can go for a relaxed walk with him.

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Drop the leash when the dog bites into it

In addition, you can try and see if your dog loses the fun of leash biting by simply dropping it and stepping on it the moment it bites into it to prevent your pet from taking off. If nothing helps or your four-legged friend is noticed with aggressive behavior, you should not tackle the matter alone. Get a professional dog trainer at your side who can assess your individual case and work out suitable training methods with you.

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