F1 savannah cat growling

F1 savannah cat growling noise

I've read that growling is a natural feature of cat's nature and is supposed to be used in a very specific way. If we do allow our cats to do it, does this mean that they can growl at other cats and even at people?

I have a 4 year old indoor/outdoor male Savannah. He growls when he's very angry or stressed. He tends to growl when I ask him to do something that he's not into. He likes to play. Sometimes I will call him and he'll come to me, but then he stops and walks away to look at something else. We do play, and he's really funny. However, if he is just having a "bad" day and I ask him to do something, he growls at me. This has happened every day and it's getting very annoying. My family has a 10 month old female. She has never growled at me or anything. If my daughter accidentally starts to play with her, she growls at her. I don't understand why my older cat is growling. He's just trying to have some fun, but I'm getting a little tired of having to ask him to come to me and have to expln what I want. I want to know if there's a way I can make him stop growling at me. Thanks

I have a male Savannah also and I have the same problem. He's not growling that loud, but it can get very annoying, especially when it's time to eat. He tends to just go off and not respond, and then I'll have to follow him just to ask him to come eat. We'll see what happens with our little girl, she is 3 months old now. She was born a stray and I brought her home knowing that she wasn't very trusting of people. We have 3 other cats too.

i have 2 savannah cats, my older cat isn't old by just a year, so I was wondering why she didn't get her shot i do a shot a month. my son came in to visit and she didn't get her shot when she had a very small fever so she got ill, when he left she just got over it, but now she's got a fever and seems to have grownlup cough with her sputum is dark and when i go to go pick her up she growls at me she has grown a lot, in the past 6 months and she got really bad asthma so i took her to the vet and he gave her some shots and took a sputum sample from her to check the virus, but i am worried if she's starting to act like a dog or if it's the viruses. I also live in a country that cat isn't a popular pet i do know how to handle the kitten from having to take her away from the mother who was pregnant and it ended up getting away because of my daughter, my daughter sd the mother left her as a stray i really don't want to go through all that agn

Hi there! I'm in the same boat as you as well. We have 4 cats. My husband's sister in law gave me one of her kittens. It was a boy and he has had all shots and he's around 10 months old. I have not done anything else. He is a very smart cat. I don't want to have to go to the vet and have him get tested. I just want to take him to the vet and have him put on his shots. I've looked around online and I don't know how much to spend. I just want to make sure that he is protected before he starts having kittens. Any input is appreciated. Thank you so much!

I'm in the same boat, I just got my male cat, named him "Bo", I didn't get him from the shelter or anything, just one I found in the yard. I want to take him to the vet, but it's kind of embarrasing as he's the first of my cats I'll be taking to the vet. So I just want to be sure I do everything I'm supposed to.

You are not supposed to have the kitten vaccinated for feline leukemia and other diseases, including rabies, feline distemper, feline panleukopenia, feline infectious peritonitis, and feline herpesvirus. Your veterinarian is supposed to check his feline immunization record and to give him a vaccination. However, some veterinarians, especially those in the South and those who don't vaccinate all their animals, simply say, "Give 'em a shot." This is not to be trusted, and it does not give him the protection agnst feline leukemia that he needs. If you don't want to vaccinate him, don't. But get him to the veterinarian for a vaccination.

I second what Kittenkitty sd: take him to the vet ASAP. It would have been better to do it last week, but you can still make up for it. He will probably be ok, but it's a bit early to judge, and the earlier you treat the disease the better.

If the cat is sick, it will be in pn, so make sure you will be able to handle it. Try to keep him calm (you might need to give him some calmatives before you go, but you could also wt until you are there), and be sure you have all his info with you (date of birth, name, sex, vaccination, etc).

Also, bring some carrier bag with you. Be ready to take a bath for the cat (maybe he needs to be "cleaned" a bit before you can hand him to the vet), so if the vet has to go out or something, he will not think you are trying to take the cat.

Do not use the same bag for the cat and any medications. He may choke. For example, if you put the pills in a gel capsule, you may not be able to open the capsule before taking the medication and there's a good chance it will spill. (And you don't want it on your clothes if you take the whole treatment of it, you don't want any of it on you. Better off taking it all together to avoid being stinky). And make sure to have a clean, disposable bag for his poop.

My mother always used to make me give all the medicine to her and she would put it in the trash because she didn't want it on the carpet. The thought of that is still hard to imagine.

The way I dealt with it was to take the medication, then go with the first d kit (the one you have for yourself) to clean my face and hands, and get the cat fixed.

If you are having trouble dealing with any of the emotional aspects, take your dog to the vet with you. Just being around another human being can help.

The cat could probably benefit from spending some time (not with you though) with your Mom. My sister (the only one of us that has adopted an elderly cat) adopted an elderly cat from a shelter where he had been there for 3 months. He was in the hospital for 4 days then in a cattery for 4 more. He had no bed, just a cardboard box. The only time he spent with her was sitting and staring. He didn't recognize her. She was allowed in with him but I don't know how she got her clothes off for more than a quick wash before putting them on. The cat still hated the new mother and the cat-minder spent 3 hours getting him to eat. It was a long, drawn out therapy thing, but the cat liked the mother and she loved the cat. The

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