Richland kennel club dog show 2018

Richland kennel club dog show 2018

Richland kennel club dog show 2018

Kennel club dog show 2018 with the Richland Kennel Club is being held this coming Saturday, 11th December 2018. Richland Kennel Club is being held at the YMCA on the Hwy 1A on Sunday, 12th December 2018. KCO2S is an annual dog show which draws exhibitors from all over the region and even around the world. Some kennels are represented more than once, because their dogs are either champions or have achieved special awards. For more info. click here.

The registration fee for the KCO2S K9 event, in both 2018 and 2017, was $45. With the cost of the 2018 Richland Kennel Club dog show this year being $45 we will once agn have a registration fee wver for the 2018 show. See the 2018 show pages for more detls.

Richland Kennel Club K9 2018

Richland Kennel Club - Dog Show 2018

KCO2S’2018 Richland Kennel Club dog show will be held on Sunday, 12th December 2018 at the YMCA on Highway 1A, St Martins Road, Richland B.C., V9S 3A2. The show starts at 11am and will last till 3pm. Please join us for a great day of fun and friendship with other canine enthusiasts. Show your best buddy and come out to support the breed you love, the AKC (American Kennel Club). The 2018 show will have classes:

AKC BIS (Best in Show)

AKC Group I (AKC Best of Breed - Working)

CKC (Companion Dog - BIS)

CKC Group 1 (Companion Dog - Non-BIS)

CKC Group 2 (Companion Dog Non-BIS)

CKC Group 3 (Companion Dog Non-BIS)

CKC Group 4 (Companion Dog Non-BIS)

AKC MACH (Mixed Breed Non-BIS)

CKC MACH (Mixed Breed Non-BIS)




For entry forms and other info call: (250) 471-2082 or visit our website:

3. Our team and staff work hard to make sure that our show will be successful, fun, and an affordable experience. Our venue will have plenty of food and drink for everyone.

4. On Sunday, October 15th, from 1pm to 5pm we are open to walk the grounds of our community. Please join us for a fun afternoon with our family.

We hope you will join us and help make this a fun day for everyone.

Thank you!

Kristi &, Brian

If you’d like to learn more about our show, our dog park, our agility and obedience program, please contact Kristi to set up a tour: (250) 471-2082 or [eml protected]

The Best Dog Park in PEI!

For over 25 years, the East Coast Open has been providing the opportunity for agility, obedience, and dog sports enthusiasts to show their dogs at our championship agility trials and an obedience show.

What Makes the East Coast Open Different?

First of all, we don’t do a pure puppy show! It is a mixed breed show.

In addition to mixed breed dogs, we welcome a wide variety of animals. It is always a fun-filled day of family fun and dog sports at the East Coast Open.

Show Schedule

We begin the show on Sunday, September 23, 2017. The show closes with the Championship Obedience Trials on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, Sunday, November 14th.

We are open for a full 10 days. The show is not limited to dogs on the show grounds for 10 days. We are open to the public and dogs from around the world are welcome to visit our show grounds.

We have a strict rule about the amount of grooming each dog must undergo to participate in the championship. If you don’t allow your dog to be groomed, you may not enter your dog in the championship.

The East Coast Open has been the premier show on the east coast for the past 25 years. Please come out and support our dogs!

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