Do cats have a favorite person

Do cats have a favorite person? I am the person of choice. I don’t know if that’s because I’m a girl or because I am the most patient with him.

Do dogs have a favorite person? Ahem, ahem, we don’t say “person” because they don’t really know. We say “owner”, like “my owner”. I don’t know if that’s because he likes to sleep, or because I’m the only human he’s allowed to get his snout into.

Do dogs and cats have favorites among each other? I’m sure that some cats have favorites among the dogs. I don’t think that a dog or cat has a favorite cat or a favorite dog, but that they do tend to like a certain species of dog or cat.

I am a little concerned about a cat’s favorite person. If I leave the house when I am not the person of choice, and the cat is left with the person of choice, that person will have to spend time with that cat that they may not really want to. I’m not sure what to do about that, but if I know I’m the cat’s favorite person, I try to be around more often when I am home.

I’ve heard of a dog who likes to get into a certain part of the house when you are out. He gets a little thrill out of it. It could be his favorite thing to do when he wants to stay in the house, if it means he is getting to do what he wants to.

I don’t have a cat that I would consider a “favorite”, but we do enjoy having all of the animals around. I like to go to the farm and let all of the animals out, then I’ll go and let them in. It is nice to have all the pets around, they make each other feel more comfortable.

I do not know of any dog that has a favorite cat. I do not think that a cat or a dog has a favorite person though, there are plenty of people to choose from and I’m sure they would love any kind of human.

I’ve never heard of cats having favorites, but there are some dogs who are like me and prefer to play with one particular dog more than with any of the other dogs. If I had to guess, I’d say that it’s a dog that is a lot like me, but without the “mild”. I’m not sure if they just like me or if they like the particular part of me that likes to play with them.

I am concerned that I’m being overprotective of our cat. She will cry, but it isn’t because she’s hurt or hungry or scared. She’ll cry because she’s so happy. When I am out, she will run and jump and play and then when I get home, she’ll go in and lie down. I feel that I have to go in after her.

If we were to have a dog that had a favorite person, I would guess that the dog would go to that person and expect that person to stay with the dog when the person was around. I’m not sure how they could have that feeling.

The best cat I have ever had was my cat who was the pet of a friend of mine. That cat had many people but had one person that she went to when I wasn’t there. She would follow that person around, sit right next to that person, and just wanted to be near that person.

I have a friend whose cats have a favorite person, but that is mostly because he is a nice person. They all like to be around the person, but it is hard to say that they have favorites. They are pretty different cats so it might be easier for them to have favorite pets than to have favorites of people.

The only cat I have had was adopted from the SPCA, but he was from a very feral environment so he didn’t understand people at all. He would come to my front door and just want to be with me when I was home. He was probably just trying to figure out what people were all about.

I think cats have favorites. My cat likes to eat with me because we eat together. He’s always trying to sneak bites and it makes me laugh.

I’m not sure how a dog could have a favorite person. They can’t get very close. I’m not sure if they have favorites among each other. I think that they would find each other and hang out with each other.

I have had a dog who was the pet of a family, but he would not go near any of them. When I got him, he was afraid of us. I had to teach him to trust us. He was afraid to go near us when we weren’t home. If you take a dog who was afraid of humans and try to bond with a human, the dog may learn to like and trust a human, but it will not mean that he likes humans or that they are “his people”.

I’m not sure if dogs have favorites. If I were to guess, I would say that it is someone who they like to be around. They might like the owner or another dog, but I don’t know if they would have a favorite dog or a favorite person.

I think it is possible that a dog has a favorite person. My cat likes to sit with me. When I’m not home, she sits and waits until I get home. She doesn’t go anywhere else until she gets to be with me. I am not sure if she has a favorite person, but it is more than likely that she wants to be with the person that is with me.

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