Is palm fruit oil bad for dogs

Is palm fruit oil bad for dogs?

I use Palm Oil to cook with, I don’t put it in food as it isn’t suitable for dogs to eat as palm oil isn’t a natural product. I also put it in their drinking water as they are supposed to have a supplement in their water also, this is what I was told to do by my vet. My problem is though, is this bad for my two dogs as they are not good eaters as they both hate chicken. If my dogs don’t eat it then they aren’t going to drink it, which if you are not feeding your dogs food they are going to drink the water.

I was told by my vet to add it in their water, I have tried this with no success, after a few days they are sick as hell and then they throw up everything they ate including the palm oil. I am at my wits end and I need help, I just want my dogs to eat and drink but they don’t and I just want them to eat. Please help me!


Thanks for your reply I am going to keep trying but the way I was told to feed the palm fruit oil it was not that you put it in your dogs food or in the water but rather as a supplement in their water but not to use that supplement once a day as it needs to be given the same time everyday as I am not feeding them food. My vet said that they may drink the water but will stop drinking it when they don’t feel good. I did ask if I could give them the palm fruit oil in the water a few times a day as they need a supplement in their water. The vet said that it would be ok, I am going to try this again and see how it works out for me.

I would try a bit smaller amount at a time to make sure it is ok for them.

I am trying to feed my dogs Palm fruit oil as a supplement in their water. My vet has a brand of palm fruit oil that she mixes it with before adding to their water but she says that it can make them sick so I was wondering if she was using the wrong kind or if she was using it in the wrong way. She said I could put it in their water before I feed them. She said it wouldn’t affect them at all.

I am feeding my dogs dog the Palm fruit oil in their water as a supplement. My vet tells me it will make them sick. She said that they don’t need it in their food but can drink it. The Palm fruit oil should only be given before the feeding not after. I don’t know if it is the problem or if my vet has a different brand of the Palm fruit oil.


I just want to know if anyone has experienced the same thing as I am. My dogs were being fed a dog food high in taurine and one had to go to the vet because of an eye infection. The vet told me that the dogs had taurine in their bloodstream and that it caused the problem. The question I have is, when your pets do have the extra taurine in their system, will the Palm Fruit oil that you add to your dogs water cause any harm.

Hi I got Palm Fruit Oil for my three dogs as I was reading on other sites about the benefits of drinking it for them but they don’t like it. They throw it up all over the place and they do try to drink but don’t do much with it. Am I doing something wrong with the product or is it something to do with their bodies. Also I noticed that when I had got them they ate quite a lot of their normal food but when I added the Palm Fruit Oil they ate very little so is that normal. I only give it once a day which is how it comes. Can I mix it up a little so they don’t throw up so much


I have been reading up on the subject of Palm fruit oil and my dog is allergic to it. I was wondering if you know the reason why this is? I would like to try and add some to her water but do not want to cause any harm.

Thank you, I have been using the Palm fruit oil and just mixed it into the dog food. Will this harm the dog as some of the food has a high taurine content. Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it.


Thank you for your time. I bought a Paloma Dog Food for my dog for the first time. I used to give him home made dog food with beef stock and vegetables. After buying this food for two days my dog started to throw up and was also very tired. His poop was the colour of a light purple so I thought this is what could be wrong. I started adding a little bit of the diet food to his bowl and he was eating and playing with the other dogs in the house but he hasn’t been throwing up. He has a little bit of dry faeces but not as much.

I have noticed that the texture is different and it isn’t very wet and he has been pooping a couple of times after a meal. Has anyone experienced any of this? It is not the Paloma Food that I used to feed him and it is better than his previous one.

I will use the food on a separate container and he doesn’t have access to any other food apart from the Paloma food.

Hi, We got our 1 year old spitz/Pekingese back to eating our dog food again. Only she had a problem. We put it back in their water in their ‘treats’ and let them play. We’ve been back for a month and she has stopped throwing up. The day after returning to our dog food, we’ve noticed some dry feces (from previous food) and the poop was red. I’ve started putting her in different bowls now and I noticed it seems she likes our food better than before. It is still a bit sticky and chewy so I’m wondering what could have caused the dry feces (and why it happened after being back on our food) and the red stool. Do you think the cause is the difference in the ingredient(s) used? Or do you think the treats are to blame? We don’t buy treats but our neighbours do (it’s the only thing I can think of. Should I try to ask them to stop giving their treats to our dog?)

I’m not sure what to say. I would imagine that if you’ve changed the treat recipe, then that’s probably the cause. As to why it occurred, I’m not sure. That would be a hard one to figure out I think, especially when you’re dealing with a 1-year old. I would say that I’d be more concerned about the health of your dog than the treats themselves.

As for trying to take away the treats, if the neighbour isn’t willing to, then I’d say that’s your best bet. If you can’t, then there are some other ways you can try to solve the problem. We’ve done the following:

1. We’ve made them softer (more chewable).

2. We’ve tried to get them to use less treats.

3. We’ve tried to make them better.

4. We’ve tried to get them to use the treats as ‘training

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