Dog diarrhea at night

Dog diarrhea at night

Dog diarrhea at night, also called nocturnal diarrhea or nocturnal loose stool, is a health condition where diarrhea occurs at night.

Signs and symptoms

A dog may become symptomatic, or display symptoms of nocturnal diarrhea if he or she does not ingest sufficient food during the day, or if the food is not of sufficient quality. There is no specific quantity required to meet the owner's dietary requirements. There are four different periods in a dog's life when food must be provided:

A puppy should be fed an all-in-one food or "puppy food". Puppies under six weeks old require very small amounts of food (usually in the range of 0.8–1.3 ,grams) three times a day.

Adult dogs require smaller amounts of food (typically 2.0–3.0 ,grams) two or three times a day.

Older dogs require amounts of food similar to that of puppies, except that they eat proportionately less frequently, because of their increased metabolic activity.

Some obese dogs may need a slightly increased dietary allowance of food (3.5–4.5 ,grams/kg/day).

Any dog is capable of becoming a prey item at any time. If a dog becomes prey he must forage for himself in order to survive. Forage for a period of time and then rest. This "foraging" period of time is the first "normal" feeding of the day. During this period a dog may become mildly dehydrated. If a dog does not forage and rests he loses water. Eventually he will become very dehydrated and suffer from a loss of body fluids. The loss of body fluids can affect the normal functioning of internal organs such as the intestines. One or more of the internal organs may become dehydrated. When this happens the blood vessels are compressed by the volume of fluids lost. The veins and capillaries in the liver may rupture and that organ can also be damaged. When a dog suffers from internal damage the body can become unable to heal the damage or even worse the damage may spread until the dog dies.

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