Can cats eat lasagna

Can cats eat lasagna?


Cats can eat anything, though there's a fine line between "anything I say you can do" and "anything you say you can do."

Lasagna is not a healthy option for them. It's very high in fat.


Yes, but it can be a bit of a problem.

I've had a number of cats who didn't like lasagna. I was not always sure what was wrong, but it always had something to do with the grease. They didn't like the grease, or the fact that the lasagna was warm, or something about the smell.

After a while, I would make different lasagnas, making sure they were as similar to what my cats were used to as possible. I'd also make sure that the lasagna was stored in a dish which was big enough to cover a good amount of the grease and the heat, and maybe give it some time to cool off. If it's not your cats, just make sure that they can handle the grease, since it will be in their food (and possibly in their bedding and litter box).

I would definitely consider getting a low-fat/no-fat type of lasagna (with a small amount of fat). It's not a "healthy" choice, but if it's just a case of not liking the taste, then I don't think it's that big of a deal. If they don't like it because it's hot, you could try storing it in the fridge.

I would definitely not try to feed them something similar. You could try making some lasagna with different noodles (instead of the lasagna noodles) to see if they prefer those. If not, you'll probably have to find other ways of getting grease out of the lasagna, such as putting it in the dish to soak before you make it, or using a strainer. If it's just the smell that's a problem, then you can just cut out the oil (and any other flavorings that have the smell). You could also try drying it out a little, and then putting it in the fridge. Some cats prefer the smell of the fridge.


Absolutely! My cat loves lasagna - I'll make it for him every time we go out to eat. I've cut it into squares, put them in a ziplock freezer bag, and popped it in the freezer.

My cats usually take an hour or so to eat it, so if you put it in the freezer, I'd take it out about 20-30 minutes before it's eaten. My cat seems to like the freezer more than the fridge. I think if you want to make the recipe for your cat, you should make it in small portions for the first few times, so they don't eat it all at once!

Lasagna is the best dish to feed a cat. It's got the right amount of grease and protein for the cat to chew. If it's dry, he'll usually enjoy it, but not if it's greasy. If you want to make sure it's greasy enough, cook it in a cast iron pan or skillet. You can also put it in the microwave for a few seconds, and then just stir it. My cat loves the lasagna that way.

I'd cut it into bite-sized pieces (which you can get at the local grocery store or even from the deli at a restaurant), so the cats don't eat it in one huge chunk. I use a plastic or metal spatula to transfer the lasagna to the plate, since cats don't care for the taste of metal, especially if it's a metal spatula. They prefer plastic!

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