"Plop!" Bear cubs explore their enclosure

Exploring a zoo can be very exciting, especially for the baby cubs in this video. They are very fascinated by their large playground, even though it sometimes presents them with greater challenges.

"Let's play!" Say the baby bear and storm the zoo enclosure. Together with their mom, they enjoy spending time outdoors. They climb walls or tumble down, try to balance on tree trunks and nibble on everything they can find.

Some bears are even very daring and try to shimmy along the trees - which is not as easy as expected. Plop, an animal dropped from a branch onto the floor. The muscles of the front legs are apparently not yet as strong as the bears assume. But with a little practice, the fluffy little animals will surely soon become masters of climbing.

Strong, imposing and cute: brown bears

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Dr. Nancy Kay, DVM, DACVIM

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