Beautiful animals: Maine Coon kittens

These Maine Coon kittens know how to enjoy the life of a small cat to the fullest: cuddling, playing, experiencing small adventures and much more is part of everyday life with the hearty bundles of joy.

The two fluffy cat children are called Diva and Brandy and are quite big for being only a few weeks old - but that's no wonder, after all, when they are grown up they want to be among the biggest cats in the world.

In the cut you can see very nicely what characteristics are typical of the fascinating and very popular cat breed: they are considered talkative, playful and people-related. If you listen carefully, you will also hear the unusually high voices of the four-legged friends, which stand in contrast to their size and are also a "trademark" for the Maine Coon.

And the two balls of fur are also incredibly pretty, aren't they?

Caring for Maine Coon cats appropriately: Part 1

The Maine Coon cat from the USA is one of the most popular cat breeds in the world and is really ...

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