Caora farm sheep dog trials

Caora farm sheep dog trials

The Cáora farm sheep dog trials is a two-day dog agility trial held annually in Ireland. The purpose of the trial is to find the best sheep dog based on drive, endurance, speed, and versatility. The trials are organised by the Irish Herding Breeds Association. They are the most prestigious agility trials run in Ireland. The trials are judged by the Irish Sheep Dog Association, an umbrella body of some of the country's leading dog show judges.


The Irish Herding Breeds Association (IHB) was formed in 1991 as a result of the amalgamation of two previously separate competition bodies: the Irish National Herding Breed Club (established in 1968) and the Irish Sheep Dog Association (established in 1973).

In 1992 the IHB held its first official show, the Irish Sheep Dog Championship. Showing a wide variety of breeds, the show attracted large crowds and was covered by the national newspapers. Following the success of the show, the IHB announced the formation of the first Cáora (pronounced caaa-rà, as in karaoke) farm sheep dog trial in 1998.

The trial was conceived and run by IHB co-founder, Martin O’Byrne. Due to its popularity, the Cáora trial grew rapidly in the years following its inception, so much so that it overtook the show within its first year. The first Cáora trial, in 1998, was held at The National College of Art and Design in Ballsbridge, Dublin, and was won by Liss (a cross between the German Shepherd Dog and the Belgian Malinois), bred by Peadar Kearney.

The trial, originally held at the Clonskeagh Showgrounds in Clonskeagh, County Dublin, grew in popularity and moved to its present-day venue at the National Equestrian Centre in Cavan, County Cavan.

Following the death of the first chrman of the IHB, Peter Kelly, the IHB celebrated its 15th anniversary by organising the first World Cáora Trial. This took place in 2004 in Oromosso, Italy. The Cáora trial attracts many breeders from across the world and over the years has produced many winners.

In 2005, Martin O’Byrne and the IHB were awarded the World Heritage Status by UNESCO.

In 2009, with the intention of broadening the base of the championship, the IHB decided to offer the World Cáora Trial and the International Sheep Dog Championship as one combined tournament. The Cáora was won by a cross-breed named Fergus.

After the 2009 tournament, the championship was held at a new venue in Limerick, Ireland, where it was won by a cross-breed named Ríomhan.

From 2008 to 2011, the World Cáora was sponsored by the Irish Glass and Treadmill Company. Since 2012 the World Cáora is organised by the International Horse &, Sheep Dog Association (IHSDA).



The World Cáora Trophy is awarded to the winners of each trial by a panel of judges from all of the other countries participating in the championship. The mn prize is awarded to the best Cáora in the World, with smaller prizes being given for the top finishers in each category.

World Dog Cáora Championship


The World Dog Cáora is held under the rules of the World Cáora, except that it is open to all breeds of dog. In 2006, the championship was won by Ríomhan, the second time the trophy was won by an Irish dog.

Championship Results

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