5 types of cat owners. What are you like?

You can like the cats that live with us more or less, and sometimes even have a morbid love for them.

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There are at least several types of cat owners. Check what are you?

1. The feline enemy

The cat in your home is a complete accident, you didn't even want it, but you decided to accept this situation. Don't be surprised if your pet feels lonely when you are more concerned with the hair on your clothes than with his need for closeness. It is true that you feed your pet and clean its litter box, but mainly because an unpleasant smell or hunger meowing would disturb your peace.

You are constantly busy with your own affairs and you do not worry about the fact that the furry that lives with you is dying of boredom. You consider visiting the vet an unnecessary luxury, just like buying a cat for toys, it can take care of itself ... Well, unless you've come across a typical loner who follows his own path. Unfortunately, but the cat that lives with you is probably not the happier cat in the world ...

2. Lord / lady of the house

You like animals, and you decided to choose a cat mainly because it requires less commitment than a dog. You take care of your pet, play with it, hug it when it feels like it. Your cat doesn't lack anything, but you don't pamper him too much. The animal that lives with you knows perfectly well what is possible and what is not. The cat does not walk on the table or kitchen counter, nor does it appear in your bedroom.

It is definitely you who set the limits. Your friends know that you live with a furry dog, but this is not the main topic of your conversations. You don't hesitate to leave your cat home alone when you leave for work or to meet friends. You know that he has safe conditions and that he is safe during your absence. You are very sensible about owning a cat.

3. A typical cat lover

You like cats, no doubt about that, but that doesn't mean you bring home every stray furry. Your pet does not lack anything, it has basic means of life, bowls, litter box, toys, but there is no exaggeration in that. You are happy to tell your friends about your pet, but do not tire them with several hours' stories about what your cat was doing today.

Your pet does not lack love, you have time to play with him, cuddle him, keep company. It is difficult for you to refuse your kitten to sleep in bed with you or to scold him for climbing on the table, even though you try to be disciplined. You feel a tightness in your heart every time you have to leave the house and you see your kitten's sad gaze. You are a typical cat cat like many in the world and well, your cat appreciates that!

4. A boundless cat lover

You can't be called a freak yet, but you're really close. You try to provide everything for the kittens who live with you, often treating them better than people. A pile of fancy cat toys, fancy scratchers, a palace-shaped litter box, the most expensive food - this is the natural landscape of your home.

You don't like talking to people who prefer dogs to cats, and you tire your friends with stories about your pets' adventures. You're also happy to show their photos… lots of photos! Discipline is a foreign word to your furries, they go where they want, there is no place in the whole apartment where they are unwelcome. It's safe to say that you live with the cats, not with you!

5. Cat maniac

Does your house resemble a real kennel? You already have so many cats that you can't count them, and at night you try to sleep still so as not to hurt your furry friends. You spend almost all your salary on food and toys for your pets. You are convinced that as soon as you find another stray kitten, you will accept it under your roof without hesitation.

Just remember that it is worth keeping a balance in life. If you are able to care for your cats, that's great! However, if you and the furry dogs get tired of each other, maybe it's time to think about cat volunteering and looking for a suitable home for pets? Because who, if not you, knows what they need most.

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