Buying a cat: the time has come!

When you think "I want to buy a cat!" it is very important to also think about what kind of companion you want. When choosing between different breeds of cats, the environment in which he will live must be taken into account. The act of buy a cat it is not always an easy choice, as not all cats like to live in the same type of place.

There are breeds of cats more adapted to indoor environments, others more resistant that are an excellent choice for outdoor environments. Among the favorites of today's fashionable cats, we can give as examples the Persian cats, who has a preference for indoor environments and prefer to be on the floor than at heights.

There are also the big guys who are already becoming darlings among Brazilians, like the Ragdoll cats and the Maine Coon cats. These are cats that weigh more than 9 kg, but have different habits. The Ragdoll, for example, is a cat more adapted to indoor environments, although large, it is a cat considered helpless for free life. The Maine Coon, a cat originally for work, is considered rustic, very resistant to outdoor environments and very effective in hunting.

And, of course, we cannot forget the mongrel cats, which usually adapt very well to any type of environment.

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