15 Cat Names Based on Greek Mythology (From Aphrodite to Zeus)

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Choosing a Name for Your Cat

There is a whole world of places to get cat names from. How do you narrow it down and find the perfect name for your kitty? One way is to look for what a name means. Mythology is a great place to turn to for names brimming with meaning, and offers everything from gods and goddesses, to nymphs and Titans to choose from.

Greek mythology comes from the ancient nation of Greece, known as the cradle of Western civilization. The mythology refers to a pantheon of gods led by Zeus, god of the sky, and stories of adventures and battles. In this article, we'll look at 15 names out of Greek mythology that could be just right for your cat or kitten.

1. Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the goddess of love, fertility, and beauty. She is the daughter of Zeus. Her quarrel with Athena and Hera was said to have started the Trojan War. Aphrodite is often considered the idealization of beauty come to life.

This name might work well for a physically gorgeous cat. However, it could work just as well for a female cat with a beautiful soul or maybe even better for a kitty inclined to jealous fits!

2. Apollo

Apollo has one of the most prolific resumes in mythology. He is the god of the sun, music, prophecy, truth, healing, light, poetry, plague, and more! Apollo is the son of Zeus. His twin sister is Artemis, the huntress. Apollo is also the leader of the nine muses.

Apollo has a diverse portfolio, so this name could work well for most male cats. Due to Apollo’s musical proclivities, it might work particularly well for a kitty that likes to yowl!

3. Ares

Ares is the god of war. His parents are Zeus and Hera. Ares is the god of untamed, violent conflict. He is a wild, primal force. Ares loves to get into battle and fight it out with humans and gods alike. This name would work well for a tough male cat that likes to tussle or who just looks badass.

4. Artemis

Apollo’s twin sister, Artemis, is the goddess of the hunt. She is also the goddess of wild animals and the wilderness. Artemis’ favorite weapon is a bow and arrows.

Artemis could be a good name for a female cat that loves roaming the outdoors and bringing you home little "gifts" of dead birds and mice. It could also be nice for a cat that likes to hunt things around the house and loves to play with springy toys!

5. Athena

Athena is the goddess of wisdom and war. Unlike Ares, Athena prefers tactical and strategic battles. She is a careful and competent goddess. As a warrior goddess, she leads her own troops into battle.

This name is a beautiful one for most female cats of some stature. It is particularly well suited for cats who have the pristine air of careful guardians of their households. This name might also suit a cat that loves to sit and stare out of the windows, drawing up her grand battle plans.

6. Calypso

Calypso is a nymph who lives on the Isle of Ogygia. In Homer’s Odyssey, Calypso seduced Odysseus and kept him on her isle for seven years. She is exceptionally pretty and well-spoken. She is a lovely singer and dancer, and she uses those skills to lure Odysseus in.

Calypso could make a pretty name for a more delicate female cat or one that is particularly agile, even for a feline. The name could also work for a cat that likes to “sing” or is particularly good at wheedling treats and petting out of people.

7. Chaos

Chaos is the very first thing to ever exist in the universe. Chaos is that which everything else came from. The first gods emerged from Chaos. This name could work for any cat that likes to cause mischief or is always running this way and that.

8. Demeter

Demeter is the goddess of the harvest. People believed that, without Demeter, crops wouldn’t grow and the earth would grow barren. When her daughter, Persephone, is in the Underworld, Demeter grieves, and Winter falls upon the earth.

This name could work for many female cats. It could work particularly well for a rescue cat that has had kittens or for a cat that loves to frolic among the plants and trees.

9. Gaia

In Greek mythology, Gaia is earth personified. She is not a true god or Titan; she exists as the literal earth mother. She is the mother of the Titans, the sea gods, and the giants. In art, Gaia usually appears laying upon the earth or partially on it.

Gaia could be a great name for a motherly cat who enjoys lounging around on her back and giving you long, mysterious stares.

10. Hera

Hera is the wife of Zeus and queen of the gods. She is extremely jealous of all of Zeus’ infidelities. Hera is the goddess of women and marriage, which makes her feelings about Zeus make even more sense.

Hera could make a good name for a female cat that likes to be a “mother hen” or for a kitty who is very jealous of her owner’s affections and wants to keep them all to herself.

11. Hermes

The winged god, Hermes, is known for his speed. He is the messenger of the gods. He is also known as a trickster. He likes to trick other gods just for the sheer satisfaction of doing so. Hermes is also the patron of travelers.

Hermes could be a nice name for a male cat that runs very fast or who likes to play tricks on you and other people and creatures he meets. If you like taking a cat with you when you go traveling, this is a great name for that kitty too!

12. Muse

The nine muses in Greek mythology are known for their knowledge of the sciences, arts, and literature. Each muse has her own specialty. The nine arts assigned to the muses are: drama, music, science, mathematics, philosophy, geography, literature, dance, and especially art.

A lot of female kitties could fit this name since there are nine muses and they cover such a wide variety of subjects. A shy kitten might be the Muse of Literature or philosophy, while you might call a more physical feline Muse because she dances all over the house.

13. Nike

Nike is the goddess of victory. Nike flies on her chariot, visiting battlefields and rewarding valorous warriors. Nike could make an interesting name for any cat that reminds you of victory. After all, cats can bring good luck, so why not victory?

14. Persephone

Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Half of the year she is forced to reign as queen in the Underworld alongside the god-king, Hades. Persephone is a goddess of vegetation. She ate seeds from a pomegranate while in the Underworld and that is why she must stay there every fall and winter.

Persephone could make a good name for a female rescue cat. It would also be a pretty name for a cat with a regal demeanor.

15. Zeus

Zeus is the king of the gods. He is the god of skies and thunder. Zeus is married to Hera, although he cheats on her all of the time. Zeus has many, many children from many mothers, both immortal and mortal. He resides on Mount Olympus.

Zeus might make an interesting name for a male cat that likes to flirt a lot. It could also work for a majestic cat who could be king of all cats.

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Kitty on September 16, 2019:

This help me choose a name for my new kitten, hope you'll have more list thanks.

Teeuwynn Woodruff (author) from Washington State on September 06, 2019:

Glad you like the names. I'll put another Greek myth naming article on my list!

More Dog Names From Mythology

Achilles: Trojan War hero

Aeolus: Deity of the winds

Aphrodite: Greek goddess of love

Apollo: A mythology dog name after the Greek idol of music

Aporia: Spirit of difficulty, good name for a mischievous dog

Aries: Greek idol of war

Artemis: Greek virgin goddess of the hunt

Asteria: Mother of Hecate in Greek mythology

Athena: Greek goddess of wisdom

Atlas: Forced to carry the sky on his shoulders, good for big breed

Aurora: Roman goddess of the dawn

Bia: Spirit of force and power, good on Rotties, Danes, Pits

Chronos: God of time, for the dog that's never late to dinner

Cronus: Father of Zeus

Cupid: Roman dog of love, sweet name for a loving pooch

Cura: Roman goddess of care

Di: Short for Diana, goddess of the hunt, good for a hunters dog

Echo: A nymph who only repeated the words of others

Enyo: Goddess of war and peace

Eris: Goddess of discord, for an energetic dog

Eros: Son of Aphrodite

Fortuna: Roman goddess of fortune, did you feel lucky finding her?

Hades: King of the underworld

Harmonia: Greek goddess of harmony

Helios: Titan of the sun

Hercules: Roman deity of strength

Hermes: Greek deity of travel and trade

Hyperion: The titan of light

Hypnos: Greek idol of sleep

Icarus: For the dog that likes to “fly” and catch balls

Iris: Goddess of the rainbow, for the dog with a colorful personality

Isis: An Egyptian deity

Janus: Two-headed idol

Juno: Roman queen of the gods

Jupiter: Roman king of gods

Kakia: Spirit of the voice

Karpo: Goddess of the fruits of the earth

Lima: Roman goddess of the threshold, cute name for a little dog

Luna: Roman goddess of the moon

Mania: Spirit of madness, good for energetic dog

Mars: Deity of war, the dog that's always at war with your cat

Mercury: Fleet footed messenger of the gods

Minerva: Roman goddess of poetry and wisdom, good for a small dog

Minotaur: Half man/half bull creature

Nemesis: Roman goddess of revenge, like Mars she hates cats too

Neptune: Perfect name for a water-loving dog

Nike: Goddess of victory, named after famous tennis shoe

Nixi: Roman idol of childbirth

Olympus: Home of the 12 Olympian gods

Odin: The Norse deity associated with wisdom, poetry, and magic

Opis: Goddess of fertility, better have this dog neutered!

Perseus: Titan of destruction and peace

Phoebe: Titan of the intellect and prophecy, good for upbeat female dog

Pluto: Deity of the underworld AND the dog from Disney

Poseidon: Great name for a water-loving dog

Psyche: Goddess of the soul

Rhea: Mother of Zeus a strong mythology dog name

Roma: Personification of the Roman state

Selene: Titan goddess of the moon

Styx: One of the river gods, great name for a dog that likes to fetch

Tempeste: Deity of storms, great for a temperamental dog

Thesis: Primordial god of creation

Thor: The Norse god of thunder

Uranus: Roman deity of sky, prior to Jupiter

Venus: Roman goddess of love and beauty

Vesta: Goddess of the hearth

Vulcan: Roman deity of fire

Zeus: Ruler of Mount Olympus, for the dog that rules your house

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20 Roman and Greek Female Dog Names

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Quick refresher course in case it’s been a while since you studied mythology.

  • Greek mythology deals with the gods, goddesses, heroes, heroines and mythological creatures of Ancient Greece.
  • Roman mythology deals with the origins and religious system of Ancient Rome.
  • There is a lot of crossover between the myths, but each system uses their own names for their pantheon.

Both have fascinating myths, stories and teachings and both have also inspired some great names for female dogs.

Let’s check out the Greek female dog names first, then we’ll move on to the Roman!

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10 Greek Female Dog Names

1. Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty, love, pleasure and procreation. Her major symbols include doves, myrtles, roses, sparrows and swans. She is the daughter of Zeus and Dione.

This name is appropriate for so many dogs, as they are all beautiful! I do kind of love it for a poodle, though.

2. Artemis

If you want a good hunting dog name, you can’t get much better than Artemis. After all, she was the goddess of the hunt! Artemis was also the “mistress of animals,” a protector so to speak.

Fun fact: the Temple of Artemis, located in present-day Turkey, is one of the original 7 Wonders of the World .

3. Athena

Athena is the goddess of handicraft, warfare and wisdom. Her major symbols include helmets, olive trees, owls, snakes and spears. She is the daughter of Zeus and Metis.

I love this name for a wise dog, like the Border Collie!

4. Cassandra

Cassandra was a mortal princess in the city of Troy. She is the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba. She is said to have had the gift of prophecy and was also cursed by Apollo and in turn, no one would believe her accurate prophecies.

As the second most beautiful woman in the Greek world (second only to Helen), this is the perfect name for a stunning breed, like the Samoyed or the Australian Shepherd.

5. Harmonia

Harmonia is the immortal goddess of harmony and concord. She is either the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite or Zeus and Electra.

6. Hera

When you’re talking about Greek goddess names for dogs, you can’t leave Hera off the list! She is, after all, the Queen of the Gods! She’s also the goddess of marriage and the sky (including all the stars in it).

This name is perfect for a dog that’s the queen of the queens, the goddess of the goddesses! Basically, the ultimate dog.

According to all of the lists of the most popular dog breeds, that would be the lab, by the way.

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7. Nike

A lot of people think Nike is a masculine name, perhaps because the shoe brand is popular among male athletes. However, Nike was actually a Greek goddess.

As you can imagine, the name represents speed & strength, making it perfect for a Greyhound!

8. Pandora

We all know the story of how the curious Pandora opened a box that unleashed all the misery and evils of the world, only to realize what she had done and close the lid before hope could escape.

What many don’t know, however, is that Pandora was the first female human, sculpted by the Greek Gods themselves.

Despite Pandora’s faux pas that brought about the end of the Golden Age of humanity, I love this name for a rescue dog that endured many hardships before finding her forever home.

Even though so much misery was unleashed upon her, she still has hope.

9. Selene

Selene is the goddess of the moon. Her major symbols include chariots, cloaks, crescents and torches. She is the daughter of Hyperion and Theia.

I kind of love this name for a dog breed that howls a lot, like the Husky or the Bloodhound. Get it, they howl at the moon, and Selene is the goddess of the moon?

10. Thalia

Thalia is the goddess of comedy and idyllic poetry. She is one of the 9 Muses and is the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne. This name is just perfect for a goofy or playful girl, like the Papillon.

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10 Roman Female Dog Names

11. Aurora

Aurora is the goddess of the dawn. Her brother, Sol, is the god of the sun and her sister, Luna, is the goddess of the moon. I love this name for a red dog (reminds me of the sun rising), like the Irish Setter!

12. Bellona

Bellona is the goddess of war. She is normally depicted wearing armor and a helmet and armed with either a sword, a spear or a shield, as well as a torch.

She is the daughter of Jupiter and Juno. It’s a great name for a protective dog breed, like the German Shepherd.

13. Diana

Diana is the Roman goddess of the hunt and of nature, making this name ideal for a hunting dog!

14. Fortuna

Fortuna is the goddess of fate, fortune and luck. She is associated with both good luck and bad luck. Fortuna is often depicted with a horn of plenty, a ship’s rudder and a wheel of fortune.

This is the perfect name for a rescue dog, since she was fated to become your pup, and you are lucky to have found each other!

15. Luna

While the name was made popular by Harry Potter, as mentioned above Luna is the Roman goddess of the moon.

If you’re planning to adopt two girl dogs, I love the idea of naming them Aurora and Luna. Then you’re have the sun (dawn) and the moon! If you go with a boy and a girl, go with Sol and Luna!

16. Juno

Just like you can’t have Greek goddesses with Hera, you can’t talk about Roman goddesses without Juno.

She is Hera’s counterpart, the queen of the gods. It’s a great name for a pup born in June, since the month comes from her name!

You might like these 70 Norse mythology dog names for male and female.

17. Maia

Maia is the goddess of the spring and plants, as well as mother to Mercury (the messenger god). This is one of my favorite Roman female dog names, and I love it for a motherly breed, like the Collie.

18. Minerva

Minerva is the goddess of arts, crafts, trade, strategic warfare and wisdom. She is the daughter of Jupiter and Metis.

19. Venus

Venus is the goddess of beauty, desire, fertility, love, prosperity and victory. It has been said that she was born from the foam of the sea shore.

20. Vesta

Vesta is the virgin goddess of the hearth, home and family. She is the daughter of Saturn and Opis. Vesta is also the sister of Ceres, Juno, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto.

Mythology is ripe for the picking with hundreds of fabulous names, but I really do love Greek female dog names the best! Roman names are a close second (I love the name Maia).


We hope that these lists of badass cat names have helped you!

You have now read some of the coolest and boldest names for cats that really make them stand out from the kitty crowd.

There’s bound to be one that stands out to you.

We know that each cat is different, but, whether your cat is an orange Moggy or a purebred Persian, they all deserve a name that sounds as badass as they are!

We’re pawsitive that you’ll find a name that fits your feline, leave a comment with your favorite below.

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