10 tips for your puppy to attend your wedding

Nowadays, it is more and more frequent that dear pets participate in your wedding! Since all the people most important to you will be there, why not invite your puppy?

Zankyou Casamentos has prepared 10 tips on how to make your pet participate in this very special day:

  • 1) Train your dog! All breeds can be trained, but keep in mind that it takes at least 6 months to train you! It is good to take him to the place several times to get used to it.
  • 2) He can enter the church, taking the rings with a pillow tied on his back or, if well trained, in his mouth! First check if it is allowed and in what way.

  • 3) The ideal for your dog is to participate in an outdoor ceremony. Your partner will be more at ease and with that, will collaborate much more.
  • 4) Never leave him alone. It is important that you have someone responsible for the day. If not the trainer, someone who has a lot of confidence with your pet and who, above all, likes it a lot!
  • 5) Don't forget to dress it properly. A tie, crown or veil can look amazing!

  • 6) He can be part of your Save the Date taking the sign with the date.
  • 7) Make a Zankyou's supportive marriage list with the possibility of donating to animal protection NGOs.

  • 8) Marriages can be stressful for a dog that does not adapt well in new environments or feels uncomfortable with strangers or many people. Sociable, outgoing and friendly dogs often deal better with the extra attention they are likely to receive.

  • 9) If your dog is not very sociable, he can only participate in your wedding album. One tip is that he is an illustrious character in your engagement shoot.
  • 10) Of course, common sense never hurts!

If you are organizing your big day and need inspiration and quality wedding suppliers anywhere in Brazil, see how Zankyou can help you.

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Images: Douglas Vilela

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