Shear dog fur: summer hairstyle

Dogs cannot sweat, but can ward off excessive heat with their own regulation mechanism. Shearing dog fur doesn't always have to be. In some cases, however, it provides a little more relief. Three tips to make your favorite hairstyle suitable for summer. Dog fur should never be sheared completely - Image: Shutterstock / siamionau pavel

Actually, nature has already ensured that dogs can withstand hot, dry summer days despite their fur. In winter our loyal friends are protected from the cold by their fluffy hair and in the warm season their fur keeps out heat and sun. If the hair is cut off in favor of a chic hairstyle, this initially disrupts the natural heat regulation of the fur.

Why shear dog fur?

Only in the case of some animals is it advisable to shear the dog fur in summer. Dogs with very long fur have a little more to deal with the high temperatures. If the animals still suffer from circulatory problems or are very old, the heavy fur can be an additional burden.

In such cases, shearing really makes sense and helps your dog. Also some breeds, which only a very thick coat was raised by humans, should be shorn. For bobtails, for example, long hair can be very uncomfortable in summer.

Tip 1: Never shave completely!

Do you trust yourself to your favorite hairstyle? If you want to shave the dog fur for your four-legged friend yourself, the hair length must be correct. Please never cut to the skin and leave at least one or two centimeters of fur. Work your way step by step from head to back and carefully remove hair and fur knots between the paw pads and behind the ears with small nail scissors.

Treat your relieved friend to a bath after shaving - you will also get rid of the remaining hair. Don't forget that dogs with light fur have an increased risk of sunburn after shearing. If in doubt, just ask the vet again.

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Tip 2: Let the specialist in

Your dog will of course get the best hairstyle in a dog salon from a specialist. Only he knows exactly how to treat the fur so that it doesn't get damaged. In addition, dog hairdressers have completely different options when shaving dog fur - a selection of different scissors, thinning scissors, hand clippers and electric clippers. The cost of a session varies between 25 and 40 euros, depending on the size of the dog and fur structure.

Tip 3: preparation is everything

To better prepare your darling for the dog salon, you can bathe him with dog shampoo and brush the fur well. Then it goes faster and is more pleasant for your animal. You should also have a little practice with the dog in contact with strangers and combing. Then nothing stands in the way of a professional summer hairstyle.

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