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The story of this curly-haired cat begins in the state of New York, in the year 1966. The American Wirehair is a robust and vigorous cat, which is very affectionate with people and even other pets. The breed is a variation of the American Shorthair, originating from a spontaneous genetic mutation. Interestingly, this mutation has not been seen in other parts of the world, as it usually does in cases like this.

The breed is suitable for people who have never had cats, families or people with pets and / or children, in addition to being calm enough to be an incredible companion for the elderly. Because his coat is delicate, the brushing of theAmerican Wirehair you must be careful to prevent your hair from breaking.


Originating from a genetic mutation that leaves its coat stiff and frizzy, the American Wirehair first appeared in the year 1966 in a litter of the American Shorthair breed. The mutation that originated this breed is spontaneous and the gene is dominant. Joan O’Shea, a cat breeder, decided to work on the creation of American Wirehair, making crosses with American Shorthair for the development of this new breed. The presence of American Shorthair in the lineage of this new breed influenced aspects such as the shape of its head and body.

Even with the beaded coat characteristic of the Devon and Cornish Rex breeds, a British geneticist analyzed a hair sample sent by Joan O’Shea and guaranteed that the American Wirehair hair was unique and unrelated to the other breeds mentioned. The CFA's recognition of the breed came in 1978 - its registration with the association dates back to 1967 - and although it originated in the United States, theAmerican Wirehair breed it is still not widespread in the country.


Active and agile cat, American Wirehair likes to play even when he reaches adulthood, needing exercise. His temperament is balanced, like that of American Shorthair, being often described as a kind, quiet and reserved cat. With the owner he is attached, being affectionate, in addition to being a sociable feline with children and other pets. On the calm side, the American Wirehair can act as a lap cat for those less active people, while becoming a lively companion for children, thus being an easily adaptable breed.

The American Wirehair cat is tolerant and intelligent, enjoying watching everything that happens around the environment in which it lives. Being attached to humans, this cat may always want to stay close, but without losing its independence and its hunting instinct, so that it can be left alone for certain periods of time, in addition to venturing on a hunt when an insect invades the hunt . AtAmerican Wirehair females they tend to keep themselves more busy than males, who are much more relaxed.


Medium to large breed, weighing from 3.5 to 7 kg, with a pattern practically equal to that of the American Shorthair breed, with the exception of their coat. His body is well balanced, with well-defined musculature, the proportion of his body being the main point of his pattern. The head of the American Wirehair is medium, round and slightly longer than wide, with prominent cheekbones, with well-developed cheeks, especially in males of the breed, the muzzle is well developed and square, the nose is slightly short. The ears are set well apart, being of medium size; not very open at its base and with rounded tips. The eyes are large, round and are set apart, the color must be in harmony with the tone of the coat. His expression is docile.

The hairs are short and cover the body in a regular manner, to the touch they are hard and appear wavy, including in the ears and whiskers in most specimens. The waviness present in the breed's coat may vary from specimen to specimen. All colors and patterns are accepted for theAmerican Wirehair cat, with the exception of lilac, chocolate and colourpoint. The tail is of medium length, is positioned almost at the level of the back, being wider at the base tapering to the rounded tip. The American Wirehair cat does not reach full maturity until the age of three to four years.

Specific care

The American Wirehair breed is easy to maintain, requiring only weekly brushing to remove dead hair. They have a moulting season like other cats, where brushing should be more regular. Baths are recommended for the breed since their coat is oily. The ears should be cleaned gently when the American Wirehair is bathed.


DespiteAmerican Wirehair cats healthy, some may have allergy problems related to their skin. The best way to minimize allergic problems in the breed is to give regular baths.

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